Dear Friend and Dog Lover,

- My name is Jason Beckett and today, in this short video, I'll tell you a life-changing story about how I managed to create a system for YOU to become a real trainer for your dog, saving you thousands of dollars!

- I was 6 when two dogs bit my arm so hard, my vein was cut wide open, leaving me in agony, with blood shooting all over the place.

- What hurt me the most, is that they were my family's guard dogs.

- My friends suggested that I should beat them, while my father went so far as to think about putting them down.

- That moment, something in me forever changed. I've channelled my trauma, and started getting interested in the way animals think. Thus, I dedicated my life to research, and became a certified dog trainer.

- After winning the most prolific award in the dog training community for the 7th year in a row, I was invited to share my knowledge on a podcast that gathered 27 million views!

- Here's how it went...

M: - Can you potty train your puppy before he has an accident in the house?

M: - World renowned expert in animal behaviour, and certified og trainer, Jason Beckett, says YES.

M: - Welcome Jason!

J: - Thank you for having me Michael.

M: - Let’s get right into it. Umm…so you’ve been working with animals, specializing in dogs, for over what now… 20 years?

J: - That’s right Michael. 20 years.

M: - You’ve seen tens of thousands of dogs, every existent breed, collaborated with celebrities, world leaders, police departments, received the Best Tactical Trainer Award 7 years in a row...but what have you been doing for the past year, Mr. Beckett?

J: - You are too kind Michael. Well imagine accumulating all this experience, having hundreds of appointments every month, online meetings with desperate owners all over the world, who all ask the same question: WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY DOG?

I keep on hearing the same things all over again: I ve always wanted a dog, but nobody told me there would be SO MUCH WORK! I've just taken my dog for a walk, nevertheless he insists on peeing in the house? Why does he keep howling at 3am, why is he so hyperactive, what toys should I buy to channel his energy…

I decided to package all of my knowledge, I am talking years of actual experience, not just theory, in a friendly, easy to understand and even easier to implement online product.

M: - Do you need any kind of prerequisites to understand the knowledge shared in your product… I think what I’m actually asking is: Is this product for everyone?

J: - Absolutely Michael. That’ s what I had in mind when I first started, and that’s exactly what I managed to do here. A school for dogs where the owner is the teacher. It does not matter if you are retired, a kid, it does not matter if you are a stay-at-home parent or Work on Wall Street, if you would like to improve the relationship you have with your dog, this product is for YOU.

M: - What do you call this product?

J: - It’s the MONTESSORI SCHOOL FOR DOGS. It’s my proprietary training method. Definitely a breakthrough in the animal behavior field. The paradigm has shifted. FOREVER. For years it has been the most securely kept secret in the industry. Now it's available to EVERYONE.

M: - What does Montessori mean?

J: - Good question. The revolutionary educational methods used for teaching babies and toddlers in the select private schools that only the children of billionaires, politicians, celebrities and other influential people have access to, are now brought into the animal behavior world. These ways of teaching have been designed and improved to tackle precisely the areas of the brain responsible for the development of all skills and personality traits you may want in your dog. For a toddler, the Montessori Method is the perfect start in the academic world, for your dog it can be applied to the whole behavior training process.

M: - This must be truly groundbreaking, isn’t it?

J: - For sure is Michael.

M: - Why don’t other experts make use of more efficient techniques when they are hired to model animal behavior? Why don't the classic methods work so well, like yours?

J: - Think about it. Why would they? Michael, imagine how those TV shows would look like if the so-called experts would come in, and just apply these techniques straightaway. The show would end in 10 minutes! Why would these ‘specialized’ trainers charge their clients thousands and thousands of their hard earned dollars, if they finish their job in a matter of hours? Wait till the client hears that he could’ve trained his pet by himself. It’s a shame they have to rely on these shrewd tactics in order to stay in business. When I decided to step on this path, I made a goal out of fixing these pervert tactics, I wanted and I succeeded in creating the most efficient way of dog training: the Montessori Method, available to everyone!

M: - What was your favorite experience while developing this product?

J: - There’s a lot to unpack here. Where can I start? It took around 18 months of non-stop work to create, optimise and calibrate this program. Sleepless nights, conferences with peers of mine that somehow lasted 10 even 12 hours, but what made this tedious process so easy for me, is the fact that I truly love what I do, and I simply adore seeing the reaction of my clients when they realize that their dog can actually understand them! So, to answer your question, after a year and a half of working very hard, the moment to test the final version of the product came. I’m gonna be honest with you, I could not sleep that night. The feelings of excitement were completely overwhelming.

My team and I meet with the first test subjects. A gorgeous 5 year old Amstaff, Bruce owned by a beautiful young family Kenneth, Mary and their 6month old twins. I want to say hello to hem if they are listening and I want to publicly thank them for trusting me and my teachings with their dog.

Ken was afraid that the twins and Bruce would not get along. You know kids, sometimes they are gentle with animals, sometimes they nag them, pull their tails. When faced with this sort of behavior, an untrained dog is unforeseeable. A few hours of applying the Montessori teachings on Bruce was enough to completely reprogram his behavioural cortex, the part of the brain in dogs which evolved to be responsible for dog-human interactions. Seeing the excitement of the family when they saw how far I managed to come along with Bruce, in just a few hours; and them realizing that by applying my teachings they can bond with Bruce and transform him from a scary, unpredictable dog into a gentle giant was SO rewarding. I started shedding tears of pure joy, I tell you. Knowing that my method has helped these people, that their infant kids will grow up seeing dogs as friends and not something to be afraid of, was the most rewarding and pure feeling that I’ve ever experienced!

M: - I’m so glad that you shared this emotional experience with our audience. It’s important for our listeners to realize the impact that your product can have on their lives, actually. As you said, ultimately, the most rewarding aspect of your Montessori School for Dogs is the impact that it has on both the lives of the dog and his family.

J: - As always, you put it perfectly, Michael. Thank you for the kind words.

M: - No need to thank me. It’s the truth. Definitely learned something new here today. Btw my pitbull, she's a great dog, she's great with kids, but sometimes she gets into a tug-of-war with my little girl, over the blanket. I want to make her realize that despite having approximately the same size, Suzie doesn’t have her strength. Can you do something about this?

J: - No Michael, YOU can do something about it! That’s the whole point of the Montessori School for Dogs. And...let me add this: up until now, there has never been, NEVER a way for the owner to directly communicate with his beloved doggo. That’s what's great about the Montessori Method. It bridges the gap, it destroys the barrier between human and dog!

M: - You heard it here. The Montessori School for Dogs, available now! Want to communicate with your dog? Do you want the perfect relationship with your pet? Buy it now. Thank you for coming, Jason. It was a pleasure having you here

J: - Loved being here. Thank you for the invitation!

M: - Until next time, have a great day!

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Only $37

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Vannesa Donovan · Des Moines, Iowa
My 5 year old Golden Retriever still eats our shoes when we let him alone at home . Can’t wait to put your Montessori Method to work!
Like · Reply · 24 ·
Loreen Moore · Phoenix, Arizona
Hi Jason! I have a question: Does your method has anything to do with shock collars? I tried using those already but they did nothing for Bella.
Like · Reply · 18 ·
Jason Beckett ·
Hi Loreen, thank you for your question. The answer is NO! The techniques I share in my guide make use of your dog’s most highly developed. All my teachings are always non-violent! I do not recommend shock collars!
Like · Reply · 13 ·
Marcus Wright · Columbus, Ohio
This method really works! I tried it on my frenchie, Louis and after just 4 hours he stopped humping. Thank you!
Like · Reply · 15 ·
Layla Reed · Arlington, Texas
I'm truly impressed with how much information you share in your eBooks. And all for this cheap price! I can feel that you truly care about dog lovers like myself, and a soul so sincere like yours is hard to come by these days. I have recommended your site to several of my friends already.
Like · Reply · 23 ·
Bernard Price · New York, New York
Jason, I own a chihuahua. Is your advice still valid?
Like · Reply · 14 ·
Jason Beckett ·
Bernard, I made sure my method can be used with any dog, even such small one like yours. Please note that I give a 60-days guarantee on my information so you risk nothing by trying it out.
Like · Reply · 19 ·